War of the Corners (2018-), Audiovisual Multi-Screen Installation/Composition, 15min (looped), Various Configurations and Dimensions

Glasgow School of Art, The Model (Sligo), Plymouth College of Art


“War of the Corners“ is an video installation that draws on references reminiscent of different timeframes and spiritual spaces. The walls are clad with Brick effect wallpaper, giving the appearance of a bygone post-industrial era, deliberately kitschy and nostalgic. The Multi-Screen Projections in this space include idealistic illustrations of uniform places such as open plan offices and business meeting rooms offset with computer animation of collapsing Ragdolls. There are four objects placed on light boxes (adapted office lighting); movements tightly synced to the projected images framing the room. A ritualistic pre-historic drum is automated to react to the projected video, whilst two walking sticks, powered by motors, frequently collapse on the floor platforms made for them. All events, virtual and real are carefully networked and computationally composed to create complex relationships between image, object and sound. The walking stick acts as a key repeating motif and metaphor in this work suggesting the question “what happens when the thing supposed to support you, collapses? The stick is also suggestive of human frailty and question Post-human suggestions of the eradication of death and illness. Therefore, the overall impression of the installations is suggestive of futuristic place of worship.

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